Moire Optic Coaster Set

About the Designer

A graduate of Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY in 1979, David Jost moved to California in 1980 where he continued to build kinetic sculptures that combined artistic sensitivity, mechanical aptitude, and technical know-how.

Working for a variety of toy companies in the 1990s, David began to extend his sculptural notions to inventive toys and games creating a series of Glow in the Dark products: 'Glow String', 'Charger Chamber' and 'Glow Stickables,' as well as a series of science activity kits: 'Floating Motor,' 'Fizz Factory' and 'MagnoScope'

David's product and sculptural designs incorporate playful combinations of nature and physics. 'Solar Wheel' and 'Solar Spinner' combine elements of sunlight and color, with solar cell technology and the simple physics of motion and refraction to create a dazzling, animated visual display.

Moire Optic Coaster Set

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A beautiful set of 4 colorful coasters that creates the illusion of expanding and contracting space when rotated. Makes a great gift and conversational piece.

  • Set of 4 coasters
  • Plastic with a non-skid base

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