The Art Game

About the Creators

James Cahill is an art writer based in London, who contributes to Elephant, Apollo, The Burlington Magazine, and frieze. He is the leader of a series of restaurant art tours as well as researching a PhD on classical mythology in contemporary visual art.

Mikkel Sommer was born in 1987 and grew up in Copenhagen. He started freelancing in 2009, working in illustration, design for animation, and comic books. He lives in Berlin with his wife and daughter.

The Art Game

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Designed by James Cahill; illustrated by Mikkel Sommer

Piet Mondrian or Andy Warhol—Damien Hirst or Banksy—whose works of art have been the most influential? The most shocking? The most expensive? How about their versatility or critical reception? These playing cards allow art lovers of all ages to play their favorite artists against each other to discover who rules the art world.

  • 34 cards
  • 4.2 x 2.8 inches
  • Recommended for ages 10 and up

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