National Gallery of Art: Architecture + Design

National Gallery of Art: Architecture + Design

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Maygene Daniels and Susan Wertheim

This small book presents a brief history of the National Gallery of Art campus with an emphasis on the beauty and rationale of its design. Developed over the course of almost 75 years, the Gallery's campus offers visitors from around the world an opportunity to see art in an architectural and landscape setting of striking beauty. The West Building (John Russell Pope,1941) and East Building (I.M. Pei,1978), connected by an underground structure and a street-level plaza, as well as the Sculpture Garden (Laurie D. Olin, 1999), all embody the institution's rich cultural contribution to public life today.


Authors Maygene Daniels and Susan Wertheim offer perspectives on the history and construction of the museum that are amply illustrated with period and contemporary views as well as archival images of its design development. Their essay demonstrates the fascinating history and great allure of many visual aspects of the Gallery's designed spaces, and in so doing, provides a deeper understanding of place. Overall, this text enriches the visiting experience for those who come to study and enjoy the Gallery's collections in Washington, DC.

  • Softcover
  • 6 x 5.5 inches
  • 64 pages, 63 images (17 black & white and 46 color)
  • Published: 2014


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