The Simple Art of Origami

About the Author

Mari Ono is an expert in origami and all forms of paper crafts. Born in Japan, she has lived in the United Kingdom for many years with her artist husband Takumasa, where they both work to promote Japanese arts and crafts. Her previous books include Fly, Origami, Fly, Origami for Children, and The Simple Art of Japanese Papercrafts.

The Simple Art of Origami

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Mari Ono

The Simple Art of Origami reveals the best of true Japanese design, focusing on understanding and using paper in a modern and authentic style to make beautiful gifts, decorations, and more. Tokyo-born graphic designer Mari Ono explores the top Japanese origami techniques in a range of projects, each with clear step-by-step images and easy-to-follow instructions. Also included are 50 pieces of gorgeous origami paper to help you get started.


The projects range from traditional forms to more contemporary designs. Give a card embellished with symbols of love and luck on a special occasion or fill a vase with pretty paper irises to decorate your home. Why not present some roses in your own handmade flower box, or if you are an animal lover, bring paper to life by folding a rabbit or a crane? With tips and variations throughout, this is the book that will show you how to create truly authentic Japanese paper crafts.

  • Softcover
  • 96 pages
  • Published: 2016

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