Impressionism (Bibliotheca Universalis)

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Ingo F. Walther was born in Berlin and studied medieval studies, literature, and art history in Frankfurt and Munich. He has published numerous books about the art of the Middle Ages and of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Impressionism (Bibliotheca Universalis)

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by Ingo F. Walther
Impressionism is one of the world’s favorite periods of painting. But, despite blockbuster exhibitions, record-breaking auction prices, and packed museums, many aspects of impressionism remain inadequately researched. This book fills in the gaps. In addition to raising the profile of unjustly neglected pioneers such as Berthe Morisot, Lucien Pissarro, and Gustave Caillebotte, it explores the characteristics of impressionism—from painting en plein air to vivid color contrasts—not only in the movement’s native France but also across the rest of Europe and North America.
  • Hardcover
  • 784 pages
  • 6 × 1.9 × 8.2 inches
  • Published 2019

Editorial Reviews

“This is the definitive guide to the Impressionist movement.” —The Good Book Guide, London

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