Stuart: George Washington (Vaughan portrait) 16" Canvas Print, Framed

About the Artist

Gilbert Stuart was the preeminent portraitist in Federal America. He combined a talent for recording likeness with an ability to interpret a sitter's personality or character in the choice of pose, color and style of clothing, and setting. He introduced to America the loose, brushy style used by many of the leading artists of late eighteenth century London. He recorded likenesses of lawyers, politicians, diplomats, native Americans, their wives and children. His sitters included many prominent Americans, among them the first five presidents, their advisers, families, and admirers. He is known especially for his numerous portraits of George Washington.

Stuart: George Washington (Vaughan portrait) 16" Canvas Print, Framed

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This print of Gilbert Stuart's George Washington (Vaughan portrait) (1795) is part of our Masterworks collection of reproductions, specially created using the Gallery's finest quality digital imaging.


Gilbert Stuart was exclusively a portraitist; in his five-decade career, he produced well over 1100 pictures, less than ten of which were not likenesses. Of these portraits, nearly one-tenth are images of George Washington, to whom he was introduced by their mutual friend Chief Justice John Jay. Stuart's 104 known likenesses of the first president are divided into categories named after the owners of Stuart's originals, from which he made his own replicas.  The National Gallery's George Washington (Vaughan portrait) (1795) was purchased by Samuel Vaughan, a London merchant who was the president's close friend.


This image has spontaneity because of its quick, sketchy handling. To impart the sixty-three-year-old subject's imposing physical presence, Stuart placed the head high in the design. Finally, he added the crimson glow that complements Washington's ruddy complexion and surrounds his head like a superhuman aureole.

  • 16 x 13 inches (print), 18.6 x 15.6 inches (framed)
  • Artist grade canvas with UV topcoat
  • Archival pigment inks
  • Antiqued wood frame with distressed finish
  • Ready to hang
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