Hopper: Ground Swell, 16 x 20 Print

About the Artist

Edward Hopper was one of the foremost American realists of the 20th century. In etchings, watercolors, and oil paintings, he portrayed ordinary places—drugstores, apartment houses, and small towns. Both commonplace and mysterious, these haunting images led many to praise him as the most American of painters.

Hopper: Ground Swell, 16 x 20 Print

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Take home this 16 x 20-inch print reproduction of Edward Hopper's iconic Ground Swell (1939) from the Gallery's Corcoran Collection. Despite the bright palette and seemingly serene subject, there are signs of impending danger—the visible disengagement of the figures from each other, their noticeable preoccupation with the bell buoy, and the cirrus clouds signaling approaching storms. Hopper was a dedicated painter of nautical subjects, the result of a lifelong enthusiasm for the sea.

  • 16 x 20 inches

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