The Official National Gallery of Art Advent Calendar

The Official National Gallery of Art Advent Calendar

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Perhaps the most beloved and enduring image in Christian art and culture is the Madonna and Child. Twenty-five magnificent examples of this theme have been selected from the collections of the National Gallery of Art for this Advent calendar. One of the most beautiful renderings of the story, Madonna and Child with Angels, attributed to Botticelli (1446–1510), is shown in the center. This work was most likely executed for a member of the Medici family. The armrest of Mary's throne bears what would seem to be the coat of arms of the Medici.


A different painting appears behind each numbered window of this Advent calendar—one for each day in December through Christmas Eve. Every work of art is accompanied by a verse from the King James Bible, telling the story of the Madonna and Child. This treasured holiday tradition will bring your family joy year after year.

  • Heavy card stock
  • 14.5 x 11 inches
  • Made to stand upright or lay flat

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