Winslow Homer: East Hampton Beach, Long Island, Poster

About the Artist

Beginning with the Civil War and throughout his career, Winslow Homer (1836–1910) insightfully recorded the sweeping panorama of American life. Homer’s dynamic compositions and strong sense of design, color, and light inflected his subjects with a psychological truthfulness that was unprecedented in American art and introduced a new realism into what had been an overly sentimental tradition of genre painting. While quintessentially American, his work also paralleled such developments in European art as impressionism and embodied universal themes that transcended national concerns.

Winslow Homer: East Hampton Beach, Long Island, Poster

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Winslow Homer's East Hampton Beach, Long Island (1874), from the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Art and reproduced here as a poster, was painted only a year after the Long Island Rail Road was extended to Bridgehampton, bringing with it an influx of vacationers for whom ocean swimming and other seaside recreations were novelties. Depicted fully dressed in their street clothes, these beachgoers are clearly urban transplants.

  • 16 x 30 inches (image: 12 x 26 inches)

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