Wayne Thiebaud: Cakes, Poster

About the Artist

American artist Wayne Thiebaud experiments with compositions based on familiar subjects and his childhood memories, such as pinball machines and ice cream cones, but while his subjects are light and fun, his approach to painting is serious. He uses still-life subjects to explore formal qualities of painting: color, line, shape, light, composition, and texture. His paintings bring up memories of birthday parties, family picnics, and holidays at home. At their root, his paintings reflect his deep affection and nostalgia for the rituals and traditions of American life.

Wayne Thiebaud: Cakes, Poster

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This poster is a reproduction of Wayne Thiebaud's Cakes (1963), a painting of 13 colorfully frosted confections, and is one of the most delectable examples of Thiebaud’s work. The treats in the window display are instantly recognizable: Boston cream pie, chocolate layer cake, angel food cake, and strawberry birthday cake. By the 1960s Thiebaud’s delicious still-life paintings of round cakes, slices of pie, colorful lollipops, hot dogs, cherries, cheese, chocolate truffles, and candy apples had made him a truly original American artist.

  • 32 x 28 inches (image is 30 x 24.75 inches)

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