Cherry Blossoms: Photographs by Jake Rajs

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Jake Rajs's photographs have been published in Life, Esquire, Omni, Travel and Leisure, GEO, Camera 35, and Readers' Digest, among other magazines. Exhibitions of his work include Celebration: New York in Color and Glimpses of America. His previous titles include These United States, America, and Manhattan: An Island in Focus.

Cherry Blossoms: Photographs by Jake Rajs

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Jake Rajs

Cherry blossom season is perhaps the most anticipated flowering every spring; the countless festivals are a testament to its perennial popularity. With Cherry Blossoms, award-winning photographer Jake Rajs captures the flower in its natural habitats the world over— from the delicacy of the single bloom to the lush beauty of an entire tree, to the effect of sunlight and water on the blossoms' petals. Supplemented with historical Japanese woodblock prints of the flower and quotes from such writers as Percy Shelley, Mark Twain, and haiku poet Basho, this keepsake volume will delight flower lovers everywhere.

  • Hardcover
  • Published: 2006

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