Audubon: Carolina Parakeet, 11 x 17 Print

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John James Audubon (1785–1851) was an American ornithologist, naturalist, and painter known for his expansive studies to document and illustrate all types of American birds. His major work, a colorplate book titled Birds of America (1827–1839), is considered one of the finest ornithological works ever completed. Accustomed to seeing specimens shown simply, against a blank background, some naturalists objected to Audubon's use of dramatic poses and settings. Yet his attempt to position birds as he thought they moved in the wild, using wire armatures to support the freshly killed subjects, was truly revolutionary. Today the Birds of America engravings, and the brilliant watercolors upon which they are based, are admired not only for their ornithological exactness, but also for their vitality and keen sense of design.

Audubon: Carolina Parakeet, 11 x 17 Print

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This 11 x 17–inch print is a reproduction of a colorplate from Audubon's Birds of America. It features a group of Carolina parakeets feeding on a cocklebur plant. The brilliant colors, realistic poses, and dramatic composition of this print will be appreciated not only by birdwatchers but by anyone with an eye for design.

  • 11 x 17 inches

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