Joan of Arc: Red Vine Tie

About the Artist

Louis Maurice Boutet de Monvel (1850–1913) was a French painter and illustrator best known for his children's book illustrations.

Joan of Arc: Red Vine Tie

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The design for this tie is inspired by the rich patterns and colors in a painting from Louis Maurice Boutet de Monvel’s Joan of Arc series in the National Gallery of Art Corcoran Collection: The Crowning at Rheims of the Dauphin (Joan of Arc series: V) (1907). Beautifully rendered in vivid color and with an energetic use of line, this series of six large canvases highlights key moments in the life of the medieval heroine Joan of Arc (c. 1412–1431). The story of the “Maid of Orleans”— as Joan was often called (an allusion to her greatest military victory) — had inspired artists and authors for nearly five centuries in both her native France and beyond. Boutet de Monvel’s interpretation is inspired by medieval art and Japanese prints and conveys a sense of powerful, dynamic emotion.

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