Jan van Huysum: Still Life with Flowers and Fruit, T-Shirt

About the Artist

Jan van Huysum's (1682–1749) lasting fame centers on his exuberant arrangements and technical virtuosity, which he derived from the examples of Jan Davidsz de Heem and Willem van Aelst. Following De Heem’s lead, Van Huysum organized his bouquets with sweeping rhythms that draw the eye in circular patterns throughout the composition and included flowers that do not bloom in the same season. Van Aelst’s work highlighted for Van Huysum how masses of brightly lit flowers could be arranged into dynamically swirling, rhythmic compositions. But more than any other artist before or after, Van Huysum was able to capture the dynamic energy of a profuse array of flowers and fruit.

Jan van Huysum: Still Life with Flowers and Fruit, T-Shirt

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Wear your art on your sleeve, with this ladies' T-shirt, featuring a full-color, allover digital print of Jan van Huysum's Still Life with Flowers and Fruit (c. 1715). This painting from the National Gallery of Art collection is a superb example of Van Huysum's exuberant floral arrangements, with the bouquet filling the entire panel. Missy-fit tees are designed to fit average size women and are tapered to accentuate a woman's natural curves.


Printed using full dye sublimation on cut panels prior to construction of the garment, this high quality poly spandex performance fabric fully absorbs the ink to achieve fade-proof, rich, and deep colors, without the distress marks that are inherent in sublimating on a finished garment. The end result of this specialty manufacturing process is a T-shirt that is far superior to its peers.

  • Poly spandex
  • Machine washable; launders well, virtually wrinkle-free
  • Made in USA

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