Believe: A Pop-Up Book of Possibilities

About the Author

Robert Sabuda is internationally acclaimed for his stunning pop-up books, including America the Beautiful and The 12 Days of Christmas. He is also the illustrator of Chanukah Lights by Michael J. Rosen. Sabuda lives in New York City.

Believe: A Pop-Up Book of Possibilities

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Robert Sabuda

Gracefully engineered pop-up forms representing potential, growth, and progress accompany the uplifting lines of text. With a turn of the page, a printed bee becomes a garden of sunflowers; a paper airplane evolves into a 3-D rocket ship (“From a humble beginning/ to a life among the stars”). Sabuda provides striking contrast between the delicate white paper of the pop-ups and the eye-catching colors of the spreads, elevating the sophistication of this congratulatory volume.
  • Hardcover
  • 7 x 10
  • 24 pages
  • Published: 2019

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