Klimt: Farm Garden with Sunflowers, Poster

About the Artist

Gustav Klimt (1862–1918) was as controversial as he was successful in his time. His modern works were often criticized for being too sensual and erotic, and his symbolism too deviant. Today, they are regarded as some of the most important paintings ever to come out of Vienna.

Klimt: Farm Garden with Sunflowers, Poster

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Depicting a detail from Gustav Klimt's Farm Garden with Sunflowers (1913), this poster is characterized by cheerfulness. Klimt makes radical use of the diagonal to connect the foreground and background. Like the works of Van Gogh, which were repeatedly studied by Klimt, the foreground is emphasized and depicted in luminous colors. In order to draw attention to—or amplify—the impact of the flowers, a green meadow is counterpoised.

  • 24 x 24 inches (image), 26 x 26 inches (paper)

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