Vermeer, The Complete Works (Bibliotheca Universalis)

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After completing his studies of art history and archaeology at the University of Vienna, Karl Schütz joined the staff of the Gemäldegalerie of the city’s Kunsthistorisches Museum, serving from 1972 as a curator and from 1990 to 2011 as its director. His particular scholarly interests include Netherlandish and Flemish painting, early-16th-century German painting, courtly portraiture, and the history of the Gemäldegalerie collection.

Vermeer, The Complete Works (Bibliotheca Universalis)

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by Karl Schütz

This edition brings our complete catalog of Vermeer’s work presenting the calm, yet compelling scenes so treasured in galleries across the world into one monograph of utmost reproduction quality. Crisp details and essays tracing Vermeer’s career illuminate his remarkable ability not only to bear witness to the trends and trimmings of the Dutch Golden Age but also to encapsulate an entire story in just one transient gesture, expression, or look.

  • Hardcover
  • 442 pages
  • 6 × 2 × 8 inches
  • Published 2019

Editorial Reviews

“A beautiful volume!” —The Financial Times, London

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