Joan Mitchell

About the Authors

Sarah Roberts is Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Curator of Painting and Sculpture at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Katy Siegel is Senior Programming and Research Curator at the Baltimore Museum of Art and Eugene V. and Clare E. Thaw Endowed Chair in Modern American Art at Stony Brook University, New York.

Joan Mitchell

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By Sarah Roberts and Katy Siegel

Joan Mitchell was an artistic master who expanded abstract painting, fearless in her experimentation, creating works of unparalleled beauty, strength, and emotional intensity. She expanded abstract painting. The lavish illustrations in this gorgeous book cover the full arc of Mitchell’s artistic practice, from her exceptional New York paintings of the early 1950s to the majestic multipanel compositions she made in France later in her career. Signature works are represented alongside her rarely seen paintings, works on paper, and sketchbooks—as well as photographs of Mitchell’s life, social circle, and surroundings.


This book features scholarly texts, in-depth essays, and artistic and literary responses. Each of its10 chronological chapters centers on a suite of paintings, illuminating a shifting inner landscape colored by experience, sensation, memory, and a deep sense of place. Presenting groundbreaking research and a variety of perspectives on Mitchell’s art, her life, and her connections to poetry and music, this unprecedented volume is an essential reference for her admirers as well as those just discovering her work.

  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • 10.25 × 1.25 × 11.5 inches
  • Published 20201

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