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The Gallery Shops project was aided and supported by a number of dedicated individuals and departments, without whose intelligence, creativity, and tireless efforts the site would not be the successful presence it is.

The team had great inspirational leadership from the Gallery’s Director, Earl A. Powell III, and from Darrell Willson, Administrator.

The project was also fortunate to have David A. Krol, Chief of Retail Operations, as its Executive Sponsor, and Linda Stone, Chief Information Officer as Technical Advisor.

The site was designed by Kristina St. Pierre, with creative direction and web development by Janice Yablonski-Hickey of Arts & Culture Digital. All product photography is by Kaitlin Jencso. The ecommerce platform is by Upshot Commerce.

Special thanks to the project team and the Gallery staff who helped bring the site to fruition: David Beaudet, Noriko Bell, Alex Bloshteyn, Karen Boyd, Nancy Breuer, Dennis Callaghan, Rodney Cartwright, Lee Cathey, Mike Chapman, Louise Coward, Liz Croog, Miriam Dameron, Maygene Daniels, David Dawson, Christine DerDerian, Peter Dueker, Jill Dunham, Erin Fisher, Laura Fitzgerald, Nabil Ghadiali, John Gordy, Katherine Green, Miriam Grotte, Anabeth Guthrie, David Habashy, Mary Heiss, Don Henderson, Neal Johnson, Carol Kelley, Barbara Keyes, Mark Leithauser, Kelly Mayle, Bill McClure, Judy Metro, Lisa Morgart, Naomi Morgulis, Chris Myers, Alan Newman, Rebecca Oliver, Mary Powell, Adam Prescott, Dave Rada, Svetlana Reznikov-Velkovsky, Steve Richardson, John Robbins, Lynn Russell, Ryan Sloneker, Memo Saenz, Nancy Sanders, Suzy Sarraf, Karen Sherman, Chris Siron, Kelly Song, Greg Swift, Kenny Sykes, Vicki Toye, Anne Valentine, Rachael Valentino, Nancy Vibert, Marvin Walton, Laszlo Zeke, and Deborah Ziska.

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