Lane: Brace's Rock, Poster

About the Artist

Fitz Henry Lane (1804–1865) is known as a marine painter who focused on landscapes, harbor views, and ship portraits of Gloucester, Cape Ann, and coastal Maine. Lane's reputation during his lifetime was primarily local, but with the revival of interest in 19th-century American painting during the 1940s, he was gradually recognized as a key American figure. At some point in the early 20th century the artist's middle name began to appear erroneously as "Hugh," and he subsequently became well known as Fitz Hugh Lane.

Lane: Brace's Rock, Poster

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This poster is a reproduction of Fitz Henry Lane's Brace's Rock, Eastern Point, Gloucester (c. 1864). Painted when the artist was in failing health and the nation was embroiled in the Civil War, this quiet and still image of an abandoned boat on a lonely stretch of rocky coast attains a poignancy that is unsurpassed in Lane's work.
  • 18 x 24 inches

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