Dynamic Impulse: The Drawings of Stuart Davis

Dynamic Impulse: The Drawings of Stuart Davis

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Mary Birmingham
This catalog was published on the occasion of the exhibition Dynamic Impulse: The Drawings of Stuart Davis held at Hollis Taggart Galleries from November 28, 2007, through January 12, 2008. Examined are approximately 60 works, dating from as early as 1909 to the year of the artist's death in 1964. This important exhibition offered a compelling opportunity to study Davis’s drawings and to understand this critical portion of his oeuvre in a larger context. Davis (1892–1964), who considered drawing and painting synonymous and believed color simply reinforced the spaces he delineated in his drawing, produced a powerful and original art that responded to the experience of the twentieth century. For more than five decades his bold colors and syncopated rhythms conveyed the rapid pulse of modern life. Like the jazz music he loved, his art is hot and cool—energetic and lively, as well as quietly distilled—but always sophisticated.
  • Softcover
  • 96 pages
  • Published: 2007

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