Edvard Munch: Master Prints, Exhibition Catalog

Edvard Munch: Master Prints, Exhibition Catalog

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Written by Elizabeth Prelinger and Andrew Robison

Edvard Munch's images of love, alienation, jealousy, and death - universal human experiences but filtered through events in his own life - are explored through several print series in this catalogue to the 2010 Munch exhibition at the National Gallery of Art, Washington.

Renowned for such powerful paintings as The Scream and Madonna, Munch continually reworked his monumental themes in the graphic arts. This publication brings together nearly sixty of Munch's most important prints, from the National Gallery of Art and two exceptional private collections, demonstrating how the artist's experimental impulses and virtuosic handling of intaglio, lithography, and woodcut over the course of his lifetime endowed his haunting motifs with new meanings.

.Stunning reproductions reveal Munch as a master printmaker, manipulating materials and color in the service of his artistic concepts. Scholars and general readers alike will gain a much richer and more nuanced appreciation for this great Norwegian artist.

  • Hardcover
  • 168 pages, 131 color images
  • 9.75 x 11 inches

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