Over Washington DC DVD

Over Washington DC DVD

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Directed by KCTS, narrated by Jason Robards

See all of Washington, D.C., in ways you never thought you could! Soar over the White House and the Pentagon, get an up-close look at the intricate architecture inside the Capitol building, take a seat in the Supreme Court building and get a unique 360-degree view of the Washington Monument from the air. And take a moment to reflect as you fly peacefully over Arlington National Cemetery. Over Washington, D.C., narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Jason Robards and previously seen on Public Television, beautifully captures the U.S. capitals grandeur, history and vitality in a way no other film does. U.S. history, outside and in. Ever been inside the Library of Congress? How about the Washington National Cathedral? Get an intimate view of these beautiful places and many more and learn how they fit into our nation's history.

  • 1 DVD
  • 60 minutes, color
  • Released: 2011 (original: 2010) 

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