Winogrand: Park Avenue, New York Poster

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Born in the Bronx, Garry Winogrand (1928–1984) is known primarily as a New York City street photographer, often associated with famed contemporaries Diane Arbus and Lee Friedlander. Exposing some 20,000 rolls of film in his short lifetime, Winogrand photographed business moguls, everyday women on the street, famous actors and athletes, hippies, politicians, antiwar demonstrators, soldiers, animals in zoos, rodeos, car culture, and airports. He was also an avid traveler who roamed around the United States to locations that included Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Ohio, Colorado, and the open country of the Southwest. After serving in the military as a weather forecaster, Winogrand began working as a photographer while studying painting on the G.I. Bill at Columbia University (1948–1951). He supplied commercial photographs to such general-interest magazines as Life, Look, Sports Illustrated, Collier's, and Pageant. His career was further shaped by the decline of these popular magazines and the rise of a new culture of photography centered in the art world.

Although Winogrand was a prolific photographer throughout his career, he largely postponed printing and editing his work, especially at the end of his life. He published five books, but they contain only a fraction of his oeuvre. In his later years he spoke of reviewing and reediting all of his photographs, but he died abruptly, leaving behind more than 6,500 rolls of film (almost 250,000 images) that he had never seen, as well as proof sheets from his earlier years that he had marked but never printed. Winogrand's archive, including his film and proof sheets, is now housed at the Center for Creative Photography of the University of Arizona, Tucson

Winogrand: Park Avenue, New York Poster

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One of the greatest photographers of the twentieth century, Garry Winogrand (1928-1984) revealed essential characteristics of American life as few artists have done before or since, showing its beauty and brutality as well as its accidental humor. Best known for his photographs of Manhattan during the sixties, he was an epic chronicler of that tumultuous decade. But Winogrand was also an avid traveler and roamed extensively around the United States, bringing exquisite work out of nearly every region of the country. "You could say that I'm a student of photography," Winogrand reflected, "and I am—but really I'm a student of America."

This poster is a reproduction of Winogrand's 1959 black and white photograph Park Avenue, New York.

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