Stars Glass Paperweight

About the Artist

Robin Lehman, a two-time Academy Award winning documentary filmmaker, was introduced to glass working at the Corning Museum of Glass, where he was invited to video the artists. He quickly began to experiment himself, exploring several different areas, including casting techniques, lamp working, and a combination of the two that produces a unique lead crystal. Inspired by nature and the arts, Robin Lehman's glass paperweight subjects range from the abstract, to realistic sea creatures, insects, and animals.

Stars Glass Paperweight

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When viewed from different angles, this stunning paperweight glows with vibrant colors that shift with the light, an enchanting effect of clear lead crystal and dichroic glass on the flat bottom. This piece was created by lamp working, a technique of melting and manipulating molten glass into the desired shape. The faceted top creates a star shape when viewed from above. All paperweights are signed by the artist, Robin Lehman.
  • Glass
  • 3.5 inches
  • Each item will have slight variances in color and shape

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