Susan Schwalb: Strata #295, Sketchbook

About the Exhibition

In the first comprehensive exhibition on the evocative medium of metalpoint—the art of drawing with a metal stylus—some 100 works showcase the surprising range of effects created by master draftsmen for centuries. On view at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, from May 3 through July 26, 2015, Drawing in Silver and Gold: Leonardo to Jasper Johns includes works from the Middle Ages to the present, on loan from major museums in Europe and the United States, with nearly half on loan from the British Museum, London.

Susan Schwalb: Strata #295, Sketchbook

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This high-quality sketchbook features Susan Schwalb's Strata #295 (1998) on the cover. Created using silver, gold, copper, aluminum, brass, and platinum on Video Media paper, this drawing is included in the exhibition Drawing in Silver and Gold: Leonardo to Jasper Johns. Schwalb is a leader in the use of metalpoint in contemporary art. Let the exhibition and the reproduction on the cover of this sketchbook inspire you when you create your own work.

  • 6.75 x 8.75 inches
  • 60 pages
  • 100g paper
  • Spiral bound

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