The Lady with an Ostrich-Feather Fan: The Story of the Yusupov Rembrandts

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As a writer, Fred Andresen draws on a lifetime of international adventure and travel. A businessman in Asia, Europe, and Russia, he founded his success on understanding people, their history, and their stories.

The Lady with an Ostrich-Feather Fan: The Story of the Yusupov Rembrandts

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Frederick R. Andresen

A historical novel about the power of love wielded by a descendant line of courageous women to protect the famous Yusupov Rembrandts from the threats of European revolutions, obsessive men, and American law—until these two famous portraits find their permanent security in the National Gallery of Art, Washington. A quest through the ages for identity and fulfillment and the eternal search for home.


“Home we know is not a place; it is where we belong to each other.”


After 15 years of research and development, The Lady is now published. The path of these famous Rembrandts takes them from their 1660 painting by Rembrandt, through the French Revolution, into the imperial mysteries of Saint Petersburg in Russia’s richest family. Escaping Napoleon’s deadly attack on Russia, the paintings are threatened in the chaos of the Russian Revolution, during which Prince Felix Yusupov contrives the murder of Rasputin and then, with his Princess Irina, escapes with the portraits via a British warship to post war London. The works fall into the complications of  the New York Supreme Court until they finally find their home in a famous American museum.


Supported by the National Gallery of Art and art circles in the Netherlands, Russia, and the United States, this book is both fascinating history and thrilling entertainment.

  • Softcover
  • 6 x 9 inches
  • 308 pages
  • Published: 2015

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