Drawing Atelier: The Figure

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Artist Jon deMartin is one of the leading figurative artists working today. For more than 20 years, he has taught life drawing and painting around the country in various academies, such as the Art Students League of New York and New York Academy of Art. His work has been shown at a multitude of galleries and in the exhibition Contemporary American Realism. After graduating from Pratt Institute, he studied privately with renowned artist Michael Aviano. His work has been published in The Classicist, Classical Drawing Atelier, Lessons in Classical Drawing, Classical Life Studio: Lessons & Teachings in the Art of Figure Drawing, and he has written and illustrated over 25 articles on the subject of figure drawing for Drawing magazine.

Drawing Atelier: The Figure

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Jon deMartin

Follow artist Jon deMartin’s techniques for drawing the classical human figure in his modern and up-to-date instruction.


Seven chapters break down the process of figure drawing, with in-depth instruction. Jon covers tools and basic techniques; perspective and contour; step-by-step guides for drawing the head, hands, feet, and features of the figure in action; and the terminology of figure drawing. Exploring the techniques needed to copy the inspiring work of the old masters, Jon pushes you to a higher degree of comprehension. By working with fundamental drawing strategies, you will be able to expand your skills as the book and projects delve further into the figure.


Learn about the benefits of classical figure drawing—a style that has been used and developed for over 500 years—and become a part of the comprehensive art form. The beauty in figure drawing comes from the rhythm and grace of your line work. Jon provides a variety of poses so that you can become acquainted with the body and tackle any challenges that the form presents. Creativity is emphasized through the progressions of the figure, and the book builds your knowledge of not just line work and drawing, but also the human form and how it changes with different perspectives and lighting. Dive into the world of classicism and apply your own modern style so that your figures can come alive through the pull of your pencil.

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