The Story of Art: Luxury Edition

About the Author

Ernst Gombrich (1909–2001) was one of the greatest and least conventional art historians of his age, achieving fame and distinction in three separate spheres: as a scholar, as a popularizer of art, and as a pioneer of the application of the psychology of perception to the study of art. His best-known book, The Story of Art—first published in 1950 and now in its 16th edition—is one of the most influential books ever written about art. His books further include The Sense of Order (1979) and The Preference for the Primitive (2002), as well as a total of 11 volumes of collected essays and reviews.

Gifted with a powerful mind and prodigious memory, Gombrich was an outstanding communicator, with a clear and forceful prose style. His works are models of good art-historical writing, and reflect his humanism and his deep and abiding concern with the standards and values of our cultural heritage.

The Story of Art: Luxury Edition

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E. H. Gombrich

Exquisite clothbound edition of the classic art-history text—the perfect gift for every art connoisseur and student.

For more than 60 years Ernst Gombrich's The Story of Art has been a global best seller—with more than 8 million copies sold—the perfect introduction to art history, from the earliest cave paintings to art of the 20th century, a masterpiece of clarity and personal insight. This classic book is currently in its 16th edition and has been translated into more than 30 languages, and published in numerous formats and editions. Now, for the first time, this luxury edition is the ultimate gift for all art lovers—a perfect keepsake to treasure, and to inspire future generations.

  • Hardcover with slipcase
  • 9.875 x 7 inches
  • 688 pages, 413 illustrations

Editorial Reviews

"Like every art historian of my generation, my way of thinking about pictures has been in large measure shaped by Ernst Gombrich. I was 15 when I read The Story of Art and like millions since, I felt I had been given a map of a great country, and with it the confidence to explore further without fear of being overwhelmed." —Neil MacGregor, former director of the National Gallery, London, 1995

"Almost as well known as the Mona Lisa, Sir Ernst Gombrich's The Story of Art unites learning and pleasure." —Pierre Rosenberg, Président-Directeur, Musée du Louvre, Paris

"More people . . . have been introduced to the world of fine art, in the last 45 years, through Ernst Gombrich's The Story of Art than through any other single book."—Christopher Frayling, Professor of Cultural History, Royal College of Art, London

"The country's bestselling book on art, never out of print, still in demand (and not just by students) and one of the few 'gift books' that actually gets read. The work is not so simplistic as the title implies, but it is this very title that rendered the book enormously attractive in 1950 to a new sort of book buyer: the self-educator. This field was set to grow, publishers eagerly wooing punters into buying the one big book on every impossibly massive but key subject. But with Gombrich, art was all sewn up."—The Times

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