Stuart Davis: The Mellow Pad, Poster

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Stuart Davis (1892–1964) was a major innovator and theorist in the evolution of American modernism and abstraction. Davis's appropriation of images from popular culture throughout his career contributed to the aesthetic that was embraced by pop artists in the 1960s. Blurring distinctions between what has historically been perceived as high and low art, between abstraction and figuration, and between text and imagery, Davis's innovative works remain both resonant and relevant, and they continue to influence art today.

Stuart Davis: The Mellow Pad, Poster

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This poster is a reproduction of Stuart Davis's The Mellow Pad (1945–1951), included in the National Gallery of Art exhibition Stuart Davis: In Full Swing. This lively-patterned abstraction was born from an earlier canvas by Davis entitled House and Street (1931). Intended to reflect the style of jazz, each subsequent design moved further from the original composition with independent rhythmic color patterns that hint at the initial theme. Jazz rhythms served as a primary source of inspiration for Davis, adding a distinctly American component to his abstract work.


Art © Estate of Stuart Davis/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY

  • 24 x 36 inches

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