2019 National Gallery of Art Impressionism Calendar

About the Period

Impressionism is a 19th-century art movement characterized by the use of unbridled brushstrokes and color to create form. The impressionists rejected the strict techniques and conservative themes preferred by the Académie des Beaux-Arts, instead striving to capture the endless variations of light and atmosphere found in nature through plein-air landscape painting and intimate domestic scenes. Their works are defined by their vivacity and emphasis on the ephemeral beauty in nature and everyday life.

2019 National Gallery of Art Impressionism Calendar

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This 2019 easel calendar features 12 popular impressionist images from the National Gallery of Art collection. Claude Monet's The Japanese Footbridge (1899), Vincent van Gogh's Roses (1890), Auguste Renior's A Girl with a Watering Can (1876), and Edgar Degas's Four Dancers (c. 1899) are all represented here.

  • Easel desk calendar
  • 6 x 3 x 6.5 inches

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