Gordon Parks: Collected Works, 5-Volume Set

Gordon Parks: Collected Works, 5-Volume Set

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Edited by Peter W. Kunhardt, Jr., and Paul Roth; Text by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Deborah Willis, Maurice Berger, Barbara Baker Burrows, Paul Roth, and Gordon Parks

This five-volume collection surveys five decades of Gordon Parks’s (1912–2006) photography. It is the most extensive publication to document his legendary career. Widely recognized as the most important and influential African-American photographer of the 20th century, Parks combined a unique documentary and artistic style with a profound commitment to social justice.


Working first for the Farm Security Administration and later for Life magazine, he specialized in extended-narrative picture stories on difficult subject matter. Covering crime, poverty, segregation, the politics of race and class, and controversial personalities, Parks became legendary for his ability to meld penetrating insight with a lyrical aesthetic. He was thus able to introduce a broad and diverse public to people, issues, and ideas they might otherwise have ignored. Parks was remarkably versatile, traveling the world to photograph news events and fashion, as well as the worlds of art, literature, music, theater, and film. Later in life, he reconceived his vision in fundamentally personal and poetic terms, producing color photographs that were allusive rather than descriptive, symbolic rather than literal.

  • Hardcover, 5-volume set (please note: this set does not come in a slipcase)
  • 9.75 x 11.5 inches
  • 1,360 pages, illustrated throughout
  • Published: 2017

Editorial Reviews

"The genius of Gordon Parks was contained in his burning desire for pictures, which was coupled with the fact that he believed in something, namely the simple idea that everybody deserves to live a fulfilled life, whatever the circumstances." —Conscientious Photography Magazine

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