Monet: The Late Years, Boxed Note Cards

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Claude Monet (1840–1926) was an innovative leader of the impressionists, a group of painters who strove to capture the endless variations of light and atmosphere found in nature through plein-air landscape painting. Over the course of Monet's career his technique and vision developed. His art, originally grounded in the realism of direct observation, eventually reflected his interest in rendering an abstract sensation of nature.

Monet: The Late Years, Boxed Note Cards

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The late work of Claude Monet represents a time of artistic focus on his living laboratory—the gardens he created at his home in Giverny. Flowers, not figures, were Monet’s primary subjects during this final stage of his long career. The paintings from these years prove the artist’s mastery of the effects of light, particularly in the interplay between reflections, shadows, aquatic plant life, and the surface of water. His Japanese-inspired water garden, with its ever-changing scenery of water lilies, irises, willows, and wisteria, captured his attention almost exclusively, culminating in the series of water-lily paintings that blurred the line between representation and abstraction. The images in this note card set include Les arceaux fleuris, Giverny (Flowering Arches, Giverny) (1913), Water Lilies (c. 1914–1917), Water Lilies (Nymphéas) (1907), and The Japanese Bridge (c. 1923–1925).

  • 20 note cards (5 each of 4 images) with envelopes
  • 5 x 7 inches
  • Printed with soy-based inks on recycled paper
  • Decorative box

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